Guide to setting up a business conference (part 1)

If you are just starting out in the world of business conferences it may look like a daunting task to go about setting one up. This guide will hopefully make you feel more confident about how to set up your conference. Conferences don’t need to be grand or flash. They are a networking opportunity within […]

Personal injury litigation knowing the law

  These days most people know about personal injury claims, all you have to do is watch daytime television and you will see many adverts from various different solicitors who make out anyone can claim but is it really that simple? For someone to pursue a personal injury claim they must have suffered a serious […]

How to Get Through Your Next Informational Interview

When we talk of informational interviews, we mean, the process of gaining vital information about the career you wish to pursue, the company you want to work with, the industry you are interested in, and even a specific post or position. An informational interview is very different from a job interview. It is rather an […]

What Is Business Law?

Business law or Commercial law as it is more commonly known is the section of law that governs the conduct of people and businesses engaging in trade, sales commerce or anything to do with business related matters. Commercial law can vary from country to country and can get complicated when disputes aries between two businesses […]