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Want to Start a Food Truck Business? Know Some Trendy Ideas

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Now that the world is slowly opening up again, more people will most likely want to experience the simple joy of dining out. One of the best and safest ways to do this is still al fresco. That is why having a food truck business will never go out of style, at least while still contending with COVID-19, as well as its newest and more contagious variants.

At the same time, there’s no denying that every food concept and cuisine has been done before. New entrepreneurs need to find ways to set their food apart if they want their food truck or business to gain positive attention.

If you dream of starting a food truck business but don’t know what type of cuisines will sell and people will flock to, don’t hesitate. You can prepare vehicles like a trusty Fifth Wheel Texarkana. Establish a thorough business plan, find reliable suppliers, and get your licenses. Here are some trendy food and drink ideas to inspire you.

Plant-based meals

Plant-based foods and meals have seen an uptick in popularity even before the pandemic. But it continues to be trendy as 28 percent said that the COVID-19 crisis has caused them to consume more protein from plant sources. This is according to a study by the International Food Information Council (IFIC).

People are now more conscious about not just their health but also how their choices impact the environment. So entrepreneurs need to find ways to take advantage of this cultural moment. Consider exploring plant-based or vegan recipes of the usual suspects like burgers and pizza. You can be sure that the health buffs and environmentally-conscious consumers will come running.

Cooking crafts

The pandemic gave rise to many trends, such as home improvement and becoming a plant parent, but one trend we cannot ignore is the sudden rise of cooking crafts. How many of your friends learned how to make Dalgona coffee, sourdough bread, pancake cereal, peanut buttermilk, and other Instagram-worthy foods?

You can leverage this trend by looking into what offbeat recipes the Zoomers are busy trying to replicate and see if you can come up with your own twist on it. Imagine a food truck filled with foods that are TikTok-famous. If you don’t have it in your area yet, you can be the one to fill that gap, especially when youngsters crave it but have no time or energy to make it themselves.

Jams and fermented foods

Another food trend that’s worth looking into is the phenomenon of fermenting or pickling, which involves turning harvests and fresh produce into jars of pickled red onions, cucumbers, and radishes, and many more. Since Korean food has also found its way into the cultural zeitgeist in recent years, you can also incorporate the well-loved kimchi as well.

A close cousin of fermented or pickled foods is different kinds of jams. They can be made from various beloved fruits like strawberries, peaches, carrots, rhubarb, plum, cherries, etc. You can also explore other types of preserved foods like marmalade, jellies, and compotes. As long as it’s canned, it’s part of the category. All you need is some cute mason jars, the right recipes, and a lot of patience. You just might end up selling these canned foods by the multitudes.

Eco-conscious branding

eco conscious

The world continues to plunge into one disaster after another. Consumers find themselves being more protective of the planet and allowing this conviction to influence their choices.

This is why we will continue to see the trend of eco-friendly businesses, and restaurants and cafes will be no exception. If this is also a fight you care about, why not make it the cornerstone of your food truck business? Here are some things you need to remember when coming up with a mission and vision for this small business:

  • Partner with local farmers instead of sourcing ingredients from big supermarkets.
  • Use only environmentally-friendly packaging.
  • Make this fight for the environment the focal point of your business’s marketing and brand identity.
  • Build connections with reputable non-profit organizations to help establish your reputation and credibility as a business that truly cares for how our consumption impacts the earth’s natural resources.

There is no shortage of trends that you can explore if you want to open a food truck business that will be a hit in your neighborhood. Do extensive research, build advocacy around it, and find what foods you personally love. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibility of making money off of what you love.

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